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Four Reasons To Consider A Flat Roof In Kitchener

Uncategorized / December 8, 2014

Building a commercial structure means carefully considering a multitude of factors throughout the design process. One of the biggest factors that will warrant careful attention? Choosing the roof design on your commercial building. At some point in the building process you will have to decide whether you want a sloped or flat roof. Not sure which roofing option makes sense for your Kitchener business? Knowing some of the distinctive advantages that a flat roof in Kitchener offers can help make the decision making process an easy one.

A commercial flat roof in Kitchener offers:

Lower costs: Sloped roofs tend to have a larger exterior surface space and will require more roofing materials and labor over the duration of the project, adding more costs to your bottomline. A flat roof in Kitchener will help keep both materials and labor to a minimum, ensuring that you can keep a tighter reign on your overall expenditure.

Wind resistance: High winds can quickly compromise the integrity of a roofing system; a flat roof in Kitchener offers a highly-wind resistant solution. It’s level surface makes it better able to withstand heavy winds when compared to its angled counterparts.

Seamless solar panel installation: Yes, solar panel installation is possible on a sloped roof. However, solar panels work best when they are installed horizontally. A flat roof in Kitchener offers an ideal option for business owners to install solar panels for maximum sunlight absorption.

Easy access: Best of all, a flat roof in Kitchener allows for extremely easy access to its exterior surfaces. Its level surface makes it simple to maintain the system or even clean out other attached structures such as gutters.

The Roofman: Your Top Choice For A Quality Flat Roof In Kitchener

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