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What You Should Know About Installing Metal Roofing In Kitchener Or Waterloo

Uncategorized / March 30, 2015

Are you considering installing metal roofing in Kitchener or Waterloo? If so, it’s important to understand some of the many features and advantages offered by this type of roofing system. What is the first thing that homeowners notice about this type of roof product? Its unparalleled versatility. When choosing metal roofing in Kitchener or Waterloo, […]

How To Properly Maintain Commercial Roofing In Cambridge

Uncategorized / March 26, 2015

Here at The Roofman, we partner with business owners in every industry to install top quality commercial roofing in Cambridge and throughout the area. Our commercial roofing in Cambridge delivers unparalleled benefits. Keeping the elements out, keeping warm and cool air in and even helping to lower the building’s overall energy bills are just some […]

The Roofman, A Leading Flat Roofing Contractor In Cambridge Trusts Modified Bitumen (You Should Too)

Uncategorized / March 10, 2015

Here at The Roofman, as a leading roofing contractor in Cambridge, we pride ourselves on only offering our clients access to the very best roofing systems and applications. When partnering with us, you’ll never have to worry about receiving substandard materials. Instead, you’ll enjoy top quality systems that quickly set us apart from other flat […]

Telltale Signs That You Need A New Building Roof In Cambridge

Uncategorized / March 4, 2015

If you’re like most property owners in Cambridge, roofing maintenance probably doesn’t fall high on your priority list. At The Roofman, we know that for many of our customers their roofing system often doesn’t get the attention it deserves until a major problem arises. It’s only when they know without doubt (think water rushing in […]