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Telltale Signs That You Need A New Building Roof In Cambridge

Uncategorized / March 4, 2015

If you’re like most property owners in Cambridge, roofing maintenance probably doesn’t fall high on your priority list. At The Roofman, we know that for many of our customers their roofing system often doesn’t get the attention it deserves until a major problem arises. It’s only when they know without doubt (think water rushing in from the ceiling) that they need a new building roof in Cambridge that they contact us for our expertise.

Consistent Maintenance Can Help Defer Needing A New Roof In Cambridge

Here at The Roofman, we understand that your roofing needs won’t always be your top priority, but rest assured, we make them ours. We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance capabilities to ensure that we evaluate all the necessary components of your system for proactive care.

Even with proactive maintenance, there are times when a new building roof in Cambridge proves unavoidable. When conducting maintenance care on an existing system, there are several telltale signs we look for both inside and outside the home to determine if our clients are in need of a new building roof in Cambridge.

Key indicators outside the home:

Loose materials: We scan the exterior for loose shingles as well as deterioration near vents and pipes.

Excessive wear: Many property owners may not even notice a large build up of shingle granules in their gutters. At The Roofman we know this can be a major signs of extensive wear and tear.

Moisture: Wetness, mold and even rot can build up in hard to see places on your roofing system. Our team will thoroughly evaluate the surface for moisture damage.

Blocked gutters: Our industry experts will check the condition of all your home’s exterior gutters and ensure that water is able to freely exit.

Attic vents: The Roofman will make sure that all vents (dryer, bath and kitchen) properly exit your home and don’t merely deposit into the attic.

Key indicators inside the home:

Interior water damage: We will examine attics and ceilings for signs of leaks and water damage.

Outside light: A major telltale sign you may need a new building roof in Cambridge? Having traces of outside light shining into your property.

Attic damage: Interior sags, rotting wood, mold as well as dark spots and trails are all signs that your roofing system isn’t working as it should.

Contact The Roofman today to hear more about our services for a new building roof in Cambridge!