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Why A Replacement Roof In Cambridge Is Your Home’s Best Investment

Uncategorized / May 1, 2015

A replacement roof on Cambridge homes is never high on homeowner’s wish list. It’s one of the least exciting investments a homeowner can make and for that reason it gets pushed to the back burner more often than it should be. It’s much more exciting to finish the basement or re-do the flooring. These are things that the homeowner sees and touches every day. The roof? As long as it’s not leaking, we tend not to think about it.

But roof replacement is actually the best home improvement investment you can make. Without a solid roof overhead, every other home improvement you make is at risk. Think about it. The roof protects the entire rest of the house. Even the tiniest of leaks can eventually ruin your new drywall, paint, flooring, appliances, furnishings or everything in your home.

Protect Your Home And Improve Its Looks With A Replacement Roof In Cambridge

So, if you’ve got to replace your roof you may as well make the most of it. If you have the luxury of time, be sure to look into different roofing options. Most people are inclined to just go with a straight-up replacement of what they already have. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Today’s roofing materials extend well beyond the traditional asphalt shingles. In fact, roofs have become something of an architectural statement on many Cambridge homes earning as much attention as the siding and trim do. You always want to keep your roof in good repair, but in some home designs, the roof is very prominent and may even be more visible than the walls of the home – you definitely want and eye-catching roof in these situations.

Designer asphalt shingles, wood shake, metal, tile, and slate are all possible roofing choices. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks and not every material will work on every type of roof. You’ll need to factor in things like cost, color, texture, weight, durability, and even what is most commonly used on homes in your area and on your style of home.

Explore Your Options For A Replacement Roof In Cambridge With The Roofman

Are you more excited about choosing a replacement roof in Cambridge now? If so, contact The Roofman at 519-744-3830. We’ll come out to inspect your roof and provide you replacement options that will fit your home, your neighborhood, and your budget, and boost your home’s curb appeal!