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Common Issues That Cause Roof Repairs On Cambridge Homes

Uncategorized / June 1, 2015

Roof repairs in Cambridge are important to protect your home from any damage that can happen if the roof fails. From water stains to actual structural damage to ceilings and walls, roofing failure can become a costly problem.

Causes Of Roof Damage

There are many issues that affect a roof. Regardless of the climate or the quality of the work you initially do, weather puts strain on your roof and causes wear-and-tear damage. Roofs wear is affected by many factors. The following are the most common issues that can cause your roof to fail.

  • Lack Of Maintenance. The most preventable issue for failed roofing is routine maintenance. Regular checks and seasonal repairs to small problems can prevent the larger ones from ever occurring. Also, if you see mold growing on your roof, then there could be moisture problems. Don’t ignore the signs that might indicate roof damage—conduct regular maintenance to preserve the integrity of your roof.

  • The Climate. Weathering occurs on any kind of roof, regardless of the materials. Some materials wear faster than others, and some are more affected by the climate. Areas with high moisture or humidity, salt water or sea spray in the air, precipitation with hail, or high heat affect roofing materials differently. Learning the effects of the weather in your region will help you determine the type of care needed for your roof. Waterproofing or harder, less porous tiles may solve some common problems or at least lessen their effects.

  • Wind. Wind can damage roofs with strong gusts or even constant flowing “wind tunnels.” The force of the wind has the potential to tear tiles away from the foundation, but there is a phenomenon caused by constant wind flowing over the roof that loosens the fasteners. This process can cause gaps that allow moisture to seep under the tiles, potentially causing more damage. Whether gale force or strong gusts, wind is a primary culprit in causing damage to roofing.

  • Flashing. The flashing is the material placed between the roof top and the roof tiles to provide a moisture barrier. If the flashing tears or buckles, then moisture collects, causing problems with leaks or from mold.

Contact The Roofman For Roof Repairs On Cambridge Homes

You can protect your house by taking care of your roof. Handle roof repairs immediately, and watch for any of the common problems. Sometimes, roofing problems are not visible just from looking at the roof from the ground; a full, professional inspection is the best protection for your home.
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