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Why Roof Contractors In Cambridge Recommend Insulating Your Attic

Uncategorized / August 13, 2015

Attics are notorious for holding the most extreme temperatures in your entire house. During the winter, the temperature in the attic resembles the Arctic, and in the summer, the heat is stifling. This causes your air conditioning and heating units to work overtime to heat and cool your home properly, driving up your energy bill. A simple upgrade and some insulation can help solve this issue and lead to other benefits. The following are several examples:

Better Air Circulation At Lower Cost

A Roof contractor in Cambridge, like the Roofman Inc., will recommend properly insulating your attic to avoid high energy bills, as mentioned, as well to avoid burning out your units. Too often, roof contractors see entire air conditioning units being replaced unnecessarily,because they had to work double time over an extended period of time in order to compensate for insufficient insulation.

Sometimes attic vents can simply become clogged over time, as well and need to be cleared out. A roof contractor can provide this service to your, as well as helping to maintain good air flow above insulation.

Greater Resale Value

 A major benefit to enlisting the help of a roof contractor to upgrade your insulation is to gain a better resale value on your home. A properly insulated attic adds a ton of value to your home,because it will be energy efficient and repair-free. People want to purchase homes that will have reasonable energy costs and that need little work done.

Ability To Detect Current And Future Issues

 While assessing the state of your attic, a roof contractor in Cambridge will also assess your system for any air leaks or other issues. This allows you to detect minor issues before they become major issues. For example, they can detect the collection of moisture in your attic, which could potentially lead to mold issues.

The Roofman Inc., a roof contractor in Cambridge, can help you with all of your attic assessment, upgrade and insulation needs. Call them today at 519-744-3830, or fill out their contact form to set up an assessment for your attic space!