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Roof Repairs Cambridge Homeowners Can Tackle Themselves

Uncategorized / September 24, 2015

Many homeowners fear calling a roofer for roof repairs in Cambridge. They think a call automatically means they will need an entire new roof. That could not be further from the truth. Roofs are tough. They are made to withstand the worst Mother Nature can throw their way year after year after year.

That means you are more likely to need a repair than a full replacement and repairs are something many handy homeowners can tackle themselves.

Roof Repairs Cambridge Homeowners Can Tackle Themselves

The most common roof repairs are missing shingles or leaks. Fortunately, both can be repaired by homeowners who are willing to get their hands a little dirty and are not afraid of heights.

  1. Missing Or Popped Shingles. Replacing a shingle is not difficult. Popped shingles may not need anything more than a few nails to hold it in place. A missing shingle can be easily popped off with a pry bar. Slip the new shingle into place, nail it down, and hand-seal it to ensure it is watertight.
  1. Diagnosing A Leak. Leaks most often occur at the flashing, around vent caps and chimneys, at skylights, windows or other points of caulking, valleys, and eaves. Check these areas by running a garden hose or pouring water in a downward direction on the roof, have someone else inside checking the leak for activity while you do this.
  1. Improving Ventilation. Adequate ventilation is critical for preventing moisture build-up in the attic and can help prevent ice dams from forming. Handy homeowners can install soffit vents on the underside of the eaves to improve airflow. Position soffit vents midway between the joists; make your cut 2 inches shorter and narrower than the vent itself. Remove the cut piece and check to make sure there is not any insulation blocking the new cut, then screw the soffit vent over the hole.

A safety note: If you are at all uncomfortable going up on your roof, do not fully understand what needs to be done, or do not have the strength or stamina to do a roof repair on your own, contact a professional for roof maintenance and repairs in Cambridge. A quality roofer will not try to sell you a new roof if you just need a few shingles replaced or nailed down.

Contact The Roofman For Roof Repairs In Cambridge

If you have noticed leaks, missing shingles, or other problems with your roof and do not want to tackle the project yourself, call The Roofman at 519-744-3830. We will check out the problem, provide you with our honest assessment and an estimate and fix the problem before it gets worse.