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Tips From A Roofing Contractor In Kitchener/Waterloo: Keep Your Roof Watertight This Winter

Uncategorized / October 29, 2015

It is true that many of us do not really want to think about it, but the winter season lies just around the corner. If you live in the Kitchener/Waterloo area there are some key steps you will have to take to ensure that your home stays winter ready, no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us.

Here at The Roofman, as a leading roofing contractor in Kitchener/Waterloo we know that the cold, frigid temperatures and falling white stuff, even we are not ready to use the “S” word yet, can wreak havoc on residential roofing systems. That is why we partner with our customers to ensure they know everything they need to know to keep their roof watertight all winter long.

How You Can Prevent Seasonal Damage To Your Roof This Winter

 What can you do to safeguard your residential roof for winter? Following these four important steps can get your roof ready for the cold weather that is coming:

Perform A Gutter Check

 Clogged fall gutters transform into frozen winter gutters. If left unattended, these frozen gutters can push ice and water all the way up to the roof, causing damage in various areas. It is important to take the time to clear out all the collecting debris and obstructions during the fall to avoid this potential disaster.

Clear Away Low Hanging Branches

Rough winter winds and heavy storms whipping through trees can cause branches to falldirectly onto your roof. Taking the time to clear and trim low hanging branches near your roof can help prevent this from happening.

Evaluate Your Attic’s Potential For Ice Dams

 At The Roofman we know firsthand the major damage that can occur when poorly insulated attics cause ice dams throughout the roof. As a leading roofing contractor in Kitchener/Waterloo, we can insulate your attic to eliminate your ice dam threat.

Keep Your Roof Clear All Winter Long

 When storms do occur, it is important to spring into action. Consistently clear away snow (okay, fine, we said it) and ice after a storm so heavy accumulation will not damage the roof it is resting on.

 If you eed help getting your roof winter ready, call the Roofman. Contact our team today and discuss your needs with a roofing contractor in Kitchener/Waterloo today!