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When Checking References On Roofers In Kitchener Ask These Key Questions

Uncategorized / November 2, 2015

Finding the right roofers in Kitchener can make all the difference in your roofing experience. Whether you are simply repairing some minor damage, or installing an entirely new roof, finding the best roofers in Kitchener and throughout the region will ensure that your home stays safeguarded from anything that Mother Nature has in store. One critical step homeowners should take when finding their professional roofing partner is checking references. Having a conversation with previous customers can deliver invaluable insight on exactly what you can expect should you move forward with a particular firm.

Put Together A List of Questions To Ask When Checking References

When you have your shortlist of potential roofers in Kitchener, you should put together a list of specific questions to ask with each reference you check. The list does not have to be long; instead just a few simple inquiries can yield a wealth of information to help you make your final decision. These questions should include:

Would You Work With This Roofing Contractor Again?

First and foremost, always ask whether they would work with a particular firm again. Knowing the answer to this question will instantly tell you much about how the rest of your phone call will go.

Did The Team Show Up On Time Every Day?

Your time is valuable; knowing that you are working with a team that takes its time commitments seriously can have a major impact in your final selection.

Did The Project Complete On Time And On Budget?

Not only should your roofers in Kitchener show up on time, they should also work to complete their project by the promised date. Additionally, knowing how closely the final cost came to the initial project quote can help you know what to expect for your final expense.

If Anything Was Added To The Cost, Was It A Reasonable Expense?

Sometimes added costs will simply prove unavoidable; it is important to clarify that these unexpected expenses were reasonable.

Have You Had Any Problems With Your Roof Since Project Completion?

Finally, always ask about the integrity and overall performance of the roof since the repairs and/or install has completed.

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