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Should You Undertake Winter Roof Repairs In Waterloo?

Uncategorized / February 28, 2016

It might sound a little crazy to attempt roof repairs in Waterloo winter. But if your roof is leaking, or you can see missing shingles or other damage, chances are that waiting until spring will result in even more costly repairs. Depending upon your roof materials and structure and how extreme the weather is when you discover that your roof has a problem, an experienced roofer will be able to either repair the issue entirely or to affect a temporary repair that will prevent further damage until weather conditions allow a full-fledged fix. In either event, dealing with the issue now gives your home the best possible protection against major damage.

Experience Makes The Difference

We would be lying if we said that making roof repairs during winter weather is no different from making them in fair weather. In addition to the danger from snow and ice, danger to the roofers and to your roof structure, roofing materials and sealants behave differently in extreme cold. It takes experience to know which materials to use and how to use them to get effective results.

For example, asphalt shingles bond together in the heat of the sun. If you have to replace damaged or missing asphalt shingles in the winter, you need to know you are contracting with a roofer who understands how to work with the brittleness of cold asphalt, and how to seal the repair so that it will be waterproof until it gets enough solar heat to form a full bond. Our experience can make the difference and protect your home, because it may not be an option to wait until fairer weather to repair your roof.

Fix It Now, Fix It Right

Yes, it’s snowing outside. A lot. Don’t let that stop you. The Roofman has been helping customers out of these situations for 35 Ontario winters; we can take it. We are fully licensed and insured, and we know how to repair any kind of roof in winter weather. Contact us online or call us at 519-744-3830 for roof repairs in Waterloo and surrounding areas. We’re ready to help.