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Preparing The Way For Your Replacement Roof In Kitchener

Uncategorized / April 7, 2016

With a little preparation in advance of installing a replacement roof, Kitchener homeowners can make the process faster and easier. Obviously, the process begins with choosing the right roofing contractor and working with them to select the best roofing material for your home. Once you are ready to schedule your roof replacement, there are some things you can do to prepare and make the re-roofing process go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

  • Tree Trimming – Before your roofers arrive to begin work, you should have a tree service come out and trim any branches back from your roof, both to protect your new roof and to protect the roofers as they work.
  • Plan Sufficient Access – Think over and discuss with your roofing contractor where they will park and where roofing materials will be placed until they are installed. Walk the pathways they will be using to enter your property and access your roof. You may need to temporarily relocate delicate landscape plants or put down gravel to provide a safe, stable base for your roofers to set up a ladder. Ask what equipment they will need to use and where they will need it, so you can plan ahead if any gates need to be removed, or any other preparations need to be made.
  • Safety Considerations – Topping the list of safety concerns is the welfare of your children and pets. Depending upon how long your roof replacement is expected to take, you may wan to consider boarding pets and having small children spend a night or two with friends or family. Your roofing contractor can sweep the work area with a magnet at the end of the workday for stray nails, but during the day, they won’t have time to do this, so it will not be a safe environment for you and your family to be outside during that time.
  • Be Kind To Your Roofers – Plan to provide access to restroom facilities, a shaded break area, and drinking water for your roofing crew. If you don’t want to allow workers indoors, you can arrange the rental of a portable toilet for their use.

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