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With A Standing Seam Metal Roof, Waterloo Homes Get Premium Protection

Uncategorized / April 11, 2016

With a standing seam metal roof, Waterloo homes get premium protection from snow, ice, rain, wind, and heat for up to 50 years. A standing seam metal roof offers a stylish, modern look with incomparable protection from the elements, decade after decade.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Advantages

  • Say Goodbye To Ice Dams And Moisture Damage – Because the standing seams actually raise the metal roof slightly above your roof deck, you get less heat transfer to the roof surface, so you’ll have less melting and run-off to begin with. The ridges in the roof surface of a standing seam roof run from the peak of the roof to the eaves, so they discourage those pile-ups that can lead to the formation of an ice dam. Because the seams run vertically and the fasteners are concealed, there s less chance of moisture finding its way past the roof surface to cause structural damage beneath.
  • Durable Material – Standing seam roofs are made of thicker steel than many other metal roofs, so they offer better resistance to wind uplift and impact damage from whatever Mother Nature – or the neighborhood kids — throws at your roof.
  • Extremely Low Maintenance – All metal roofs are low maintenance, but standing seam roofs are almost maintenance-free. That is because of the way the fasteners are protected from the elements, and because the panels are wider, so there are fewer seams to begin with. Unless your standing seam roof sustains actual damage, you shouldn’t have to do much beyond keeping it clean and having annual inspections.
  • Long Life – A typical metal roof is expected to serve for about 40 years. Standing seam roofs often extend their useful life to 50 years or more, and many manufacturers warrant them for up to 50 years. This might be the last roof you ever need to buy!

Learn More About Metal Roofs

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