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Surprising Facts About Metal Roofing Kitchener & Waterloo

Uncategorized / May 3, 2016

We all know that metal roofing in Kitchener and Waterloo offers a premium product with impressive durability. However, many homeowners still have questions about what to expect when opting for this type of product. What should you know about metal roofing in Kitchener and Waterloo? Some surprising facts include:

Cell phone Reception

Some homeowners wonder if this type of roof will affect cell phone reception. In general, your mobile devices should work just as well as they normally have. The only exception maybe if you have spotty coverage to start with, the metal roof will not enhance your reception.

Lightning Worries

It makes sense that residents may have concerns about putting metal over their and their family’s heads. However, metal roofing in Kitchener and Waterloo poses no increased lightning risk compared to other product options. A skilled contractor will ground the system for optimal safety.

External Elements

Due to its hard exterior, metal roofing in Kitchener and Waterloo may make slightly more sounds when struck by rain. However, modern product lines offer textured ridges within the product to absorb as much sound as possible. Also, properly insulating and ventilating attic spaces can also further reduce noise disturbances from external elements.

Fire Resistance

Metal roofing in Kitchener and Waterloo offers impressive protection against fire. The materials of the product make it completely non-combustible. Also, quality products offer lightweight materials, meaning that the risk of the roof caving in during a fire is minimized.


Many are surprised when they learn that gutters can be used with various metal roofing systems. An experienced roof contractor will have the training needed to appropriately hang your gutters for best functionality. Some key considerations include hanging height, pitch, and drainage route. Discuss your request with your contracting team to make sure they can move forward with the entire solution that you need.


At first inspection, it may seem that a metal roof costs more than other products. However, it’s important to carefully compare the lifespan of each product before making a final choice. Made from long-lasting, durable materials, a metal roof may last as long as 50 years, making it a more cost-effective choice than other options.

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