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Ice And Water Barriers Can Help Prevent A Leaking Roof In Kitchener

Uncategorized / June 27, 2016

A leaking roof is a Kitchener homeowner’s worst nightmare, or at least near the top of the list. Roofs aren’t supposed to leak and if they’ve been installed and maintained properly they shouldn’t. One way to prevent roof leaks is to install ice and water barriers. Prevent Leaks Before They Start Ice and water barriers […]

Summer Roof Woes: Keeping Your Asphalt Roof In Kitchener Or Waterloo Free Of Moss

Uncategorized / June 21, 2016

If you have a shady yard or an asphalt roof in Kitchener or Waterloo that faces north, you might notice it looking a little greener than usual in late spring and early summer, particularly if it’s been a wet and humid season. That green stuff is moss, which can grow on roofs, especially asphalt roofs, […]