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Ice And Water Barriers Can Help Prevent A Leaking Roof In Kitchener

Uncategorized / June 27, 2016

A leaking roof is a Kitchener homeowner’s worst nightmare, or at least near the top of the list. Roofs aren’t supposed to leak and if they’ve been installed and maintained properly they shouldn’t. One way to prevent roof leaks is to install ice and water barriers.

Prevent Leaks Before They Start

Ice and water barriers protect the roof from water-related issues like wind-driven rain, ice dams, and seepage – all of which can lead to leaks inside the home. These products are installed atop the roof’s plywood sheathing, but underneath the shingles to form a barrier that resists water penetration. The barriers should be installed when the roof is laid. Retrofitting these protections is sometimes possible, but for the best performance, they should go on before the shingles are laid.

They are sometimes recommended as underlayment for the entire roof, but should definitely be used around flashing, vents, chimneys, and skylights, at the drip edge, or in areas that water tends to collect or flow. All roofing materials manufacturers have their own ice and water barriers. Each brand’s products function in the same way but it’s best to use the same manufacturer for both the barrier and the shingles or other roofing material.

Benefits Of Ice And Water Barriers

Ice and water barriers not only protect the roof and the home itself, they also:

  • Are easy to apply around problem areas.
  • Are rated to very high temperatures, so extreme summer heat won’t cause the barrier to fail.
  • Prevent downward flowing water, wind-driven rain, and water from snowmelt from penetrating the roof.
  • Stop leaks around flashed areas and nails.
  • Are non-slip for safety during installation.
  • Are suitable for just about any style of roof and under any shingle type.
  • Can be used on new construction or during re-roofing projects.

Contact The Roofman For Help Prevent A Leaking Roof In Kitchener

Ice and water barriers can protect the integrity of your roof. If you have ice dams in winter, are worried about water pooling or sitting in certain places on your roof, or are at all concerned about a leaking roof in Kitchener, contact The Roofman at 519-744-3830 for a consultation. We can check your roof for damage, inspect areas of concern, and install waterproofing products to help protect against leaks.