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5 Tips To Prevent A Leaking Roof In Kitchener

Uncategorized / October 1, 2016

Sometimes a leaking roof in Kitchen is unavoidable. Overtime, the elements and general wear and tear on your roofing system may take its toll, compromising the overall functionality of the roof. However, maintenance throughout the lifetime of your roof can work wonders on the upkeep of the system. Here are five simple steps you can take to prevent a leaking roof in Kitchener.

Gutters Matter

Many don’t realize that unmaintained gutters can wreak havoc on any roofing system. Not only do you need to ensure your gutters are properly installed and adequately sloped, you should also make sure that they are regularly cleared. A professional team is your best option to confirm all of the factors safely.

Give Your Roof The Once Over

How often do we go about our daily routines without even giving our roofs a thought? It’s very common; most of us don’t give our roofing any attention until it begins to fail us. Proactively examine your roof (safely while standing on the ground) to see if you notice any tears or rips in the shingles.

Replace Curling Shingles

Even if you don’t notice tears and rips, you may still see curling shingles on your roof. Take the time to replace these isolated shingles to ensure they don’t eventually deteriorate and begin to allow water into your home.

Chimney And Skylight Care

Compromises in the chimney structure of your home can also have a significant impact on your roof’s performance. Work with a professional roofing contractor in Kitchener to examine the condition of both the chimney and skylights on your home. Updating the flashing on each structure can make a major difference in preventing a leaking roof in Kitchener.

Consider A Drip Edge

Many homeowners install a drip edge because it looks great. However, they also have a functional purpose as well. These products can keep moisture away from the fascia and off of your roof, improving both the performance and lifespan of your roofing system. Bonus: a drip edge can also keep live critters (insects, snakes, etc.) off of your roof.

Contact The Roofman Today

The best way to prevent a leaking roof in Kitchener is to work with The Roofman. Our licensed team of roofing professionals has the knowledge and experience needed to prevent compromises on your roof. Call us today for a no-risk project consultation!