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3 Potential Problems With Low-Cost Roof Repairs In Kitchener

Uncategorized / February 2, 2017

Not all roof repairs in Kitchener are created equal. Neither are roofing contractors. Choose wisely and you’ll enjoy a great-looking roof that offers reliable protection from the elements and stellar curb appeal for decades. Choose unwisely and you’re almost certain to regret doing so.

Many homeowners faced with the need for roof repairs in Kitchener choose contractors based on price. But that can be a grave mistake, the consequences of which may only become clear in the years that follow. Below, we’ll spotlight three problems homeowners have experienced after hiring low-cost roofers.

#1 – Poor Customer Service

Professional roofers have two basic jobs. First, they must meet – and ideally exceed – their customers’ expectations. Second, they must respond to their customers’ questions and concerns in a timely, helpful manner.

Budget contractors often fail in this regard. Their lower prices prompt them to chase more and more projects, which leaves them little time to provide quality service to their existing customers.

#2 – Missed Deadlines

Scheduled roof repairs in Kitchener depend largely on the weather. But aside from rain, snow, and strong winds, you should be able to rely on your roofer to meet the proposed start and stop dates stipulated in the contract.

Low-cost roofers often carry multiple projects at the same time. They have to in order to bring in sufficient revenue. Unfortunately, this business model can cause scheduling snafus that inconvenience customers.

#3 – Lack Of Experience

A common tactic new roofing contractors use to compete against more experienced outfits is to lower their estimates. They use low prices to attract business. The problem is, their lack of experience means their customers end up paying for the roofer to climb the learning curve.

Additionally, new contractors tend to be less financially stable than experienced roofing contractors. Many homeowners have watched their roof repairs in Kitchener grind to a halt as their roofers experienced financial difficulties, struggling to acquire needed supplies and pay their workers.

Here’s the takeaway: When it comes to hiring a professional roofer, whether for repairs on a sloped roof or flat roof, price isn’t everything. In fact, choosing a roofing contractor based on price alone comes with notable risks. The most important factors to consider are whether the roofer you hire is experienced, willing to provide top-notch customer service, and able to meet the proposed deadlines.

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