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5 Advantages To Installing A Metal Roof In Kitchener

Uncategorized / March 28, 2017

You have a lot of options if you’re thinking about installing new roofing on your home. You can choose wood, slate, asphalt, and even concrete. But if longevity, sustainability, and energy efficiency are important to you, your best option may be to install a metal roof. Kitchener homes appointed with this type of roofing are well protected from the elements and possess strong curb appeal.

Below, you’ll find the top five reasons to upgrade the roofing on your home to metal.

#1 – Energy Efficiency

Metal reflects, rather than absorbs, solar heat. This means it’s easier to keep your home cool on warm days. At the same time, this type of roofing minimizes heat loss. You’ll find it easier to keep your home warm on cold days.

The bottom line: you’ll enjoy lower energy costs.

#2 – Low Maintenance

The downside to most types of roofing is that you have to maintain them to keep them in good condition. Not so with a metal roof. In Kitchener, many homeowners opt for this type of roofing, because it’s virtually maintenance-free.

#3 – Long Shelf Life

The average lifespan of an asphalt roof is between 15 and 25 years. Wood may last as long as 30 years with regular maintenance. Fiber cement? Approximately 25 years.

A metal roof in Kitchener can last up to 80 years – literally a lifetime. And again, it can do so with minimal maintenance.

#4 – Sturdiness

Metal roofing is ultra-resilient. It can withstand strong winds. It can protect your home from rain and snow. It’s also impact-resistant, offering solid protection against branches and other debris.

Meanwhile, unlike other roofing materials, metal won’t crack or corrode under prolonged exposure to the elements.

#5 – Environmental Friendliness

An advantage that’s often overlooked is metal’s sustainability and recyclability. This type of roofing is eco-friendly. Nearly 100% of the materials contained in it can be reused, which means the materials won’t just take up space in landfills.

A metal roof in Kitchener can benefit your home in many ways. It’ll not only give your home greater visual appeal, but it’ll also give you the peace of mind of knowing your roofing will protect your home for decades.

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