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Pick The Right Cambridge Roof Shingles For Your Home

Uncategorized / June 30, 2017

The roof on your home may actually represent up to 40% of the entire exterior, so it deserves some attention. However, with so many options to choose from, selecting the right Cambridge roof shingles for your home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Take command of the process by following a few simple tips and make the experience fun or, at least, slightly less stressful.

When Choosing Cambridge Roof Shingles For Your Home, Consider:

As with any housing project, cost is a major consideration. It’s important to go into the selection process with a general idea of how much you would like to budget for the materials and labor. A qualified roofing contractor can work with you to determine which products will meet your financial needs to eliminate the options that go beyond your budget. Also, it’s important to note that warranty can often have a significant impact on the final cost of a product. Your professional roofing partner will help you understand the warranty on each product so you can make an informed final decision that goes beyond price alone.

The color of your Cambridge roof shingles matters for a variety of reasons. You will obviously want to choose a hue that enhances the color of your home’s exterior. However, beyond that, you will want to think about a color choice that works with Cambridge’s climate. Going with a darker color will help trap in heat throughout the cold winter months and may prove an ideal selection for homes in this region.

Think about the type of shingle material you want to use. Asphalt is the most popular option for homeowners in the area. Asphalt offers competitive pricing, extreme durability, and some of the industry’s longest warranties, making it an excellent choice on homes of every size and shape. However, there are other choices you may want to consider. Laminates are also readily available and can be purchased to resemble other shingles, such as wooden cedar shakes, but at a fraction of the cost of these higher-end options. Work with a professional roofing contractor to discuss which materials and products will work best with your home layout.

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