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What Roofers In Kitchener Will Look For In Your Attic

Uncategorized / July 31, 2017

Maintaining the roof on your home is a priority; as your family’s first defense against the external elements, it’s critical to keep your roof in tiptop shape at all times. When the time does come to hire professional roofers in Kitchener, you may expect them to only examine your home’s exterior to determine the extent and cause of the damages. However, your home’s upper exterior is not the only spot professional roofers in Kitchener will examine to assess your existing structure and make a plan for going forward. In order to truly get a handle on your roofing issues, reputable roofers in Kitchener will also spend a fairly significant amount of time checking out the condition of your attic.

Roofers In Kitchener Will Evaluate Your Attic

A qualified and experienced team of roofers in Kitchener will go into your attic to evaluate a wide range of factors that may indicate a compromised roof, including:

Algae Stains
Algae stains on the interior plywood of your attic are telltale signs that your roof is letting water in somewhere. A professional roofing team will pinpoint the areas that show where water is coming in. From there, they can devise a plan to get everything in working order once again.

Mold is never good anywhere on a house. However, it’s especially concerning when it’s found somewhere in your attic. A qualified team will gauge the extent of your mold issue, develop a solution for removal, and work on getting your roofing structure repairs to prevent it from happening again.

Quality Of Ventilation
Most of us don’t spend enough time in our attics to really evaluate the quality of the air ventilation up there. However, poorly circulating air can have a significant impact on your roof. Over time, if your attic isn’t properly ventilated, moisture can begin to build up, eventually causing damage to the outside of the roofing surface.

Clogged Vents
Beyond air circulation, clogged vents can also affect your roof’s ability to function as it should. Your chosen roofers in Kitchener will look though intake vents to ensure they are free from dust, spider webs, insulation and other debris. Clearing away these passages will protect and prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Don’t let your attic cause damage to your roof. Contact The Roofman today to hear how our team can protect your home’s roof.