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5 Common Roof Repairs Kitchener & Waterloo Homeowners Should Take Care Of Right Away

Roof repairs in Kitchener or Waterloo are not something to put off. Roofs really take a beating. Day after day, storm after storm, they protect the entire rest of the home from the elements. Anytime even the slightest damage occurs, there is the potential for much more serious problems to take root.

While it can be tempting to write off a minor repair need as being inconsequential, it’s not a good idea. Eventually, that decision will come back to haunt you and cost you much more in the long run. We’ve assembled a list of 5 common roof repairs on Kitchener & Waterloo homes and outlined the risks that come with ignoring the problem.

5 Of The Most Common Roof Repairs In Kitchener & Waterloo

  1. Leaks. The most obvious sign that the roof needs attention is a leak. Anytime there’s a leak, you’ve already got some serious damage. In order for a leak to make it all the way through to the ceiling, it has to travel through the roofing materials and underlayment, rafters, joists, and insulation, and through the ceiling material. That takes time. If you notice a leak get it inspected and repaired immediately. The water damage and amount of water coming into the home will only get worse the longer you delay.

  1. Missing or Damaged Shingles. Common after a windstorm, missing and damaged shingles can create several problems. Firstly, they can be a way for water to enter the home. Secondly, once one shingle lifts off, the wind has a way in and may force others to follow. Damaged shingles create similar problems. To determine if your shingles are damaged look for discoloration, curling, worn edges, cracks, or blistering. An early sign of shingle damage is finding significant amounts of shingle granules in your gutter.

  1. Pooling Water. Primarily a problem on flat roofs, pooling water is a sign of deterioration. Pooling water wears away at the roofing material and it’s heavy, which puts added pressure on the structure. Eventually, the water will find its way into the home. Repair possibilities range from clearing drains and gutters to adjusting the slope of the roof to patching the problem area.

  1. Punctures. Punctures occur when branches fall onto or scrape the roof. Flat commercial roofs have even been known to sustain damage from being walked on. Like a missing shingle, a puncture provides a way for water to get underneath the roofing material and inside the building. Depending on the nature of the puncture, however, the situation could be much worse than a missing shingle. For instance, if the puncture goes all the way through the sheathing and underlayment.

  1. Deteriorated Caulk and Flashings. Caulk and flashing create air and watertight seals around the edges of the roof, against the house, and at the base of chimneys and ventilation pipes. Over time, caulk can dry out and deteriorate, pulling away from the point of contact with the house and creating a space for water to get in. Flashing can get damaged, come loose, or deteriorate, particularly edge flashing, which can bear the brunt of ice dam and snow buildup in winter.

Contact The Roofman For Roof Repairs In Kitchener & Waterloo

Regular inspections can help you head off major damage by alerting you to minor problems. Check your roof twice a year – in the spring and the fall – and after any major storm. If you notice anything unusual, contact The Roofman right away. We can prevent minor roof repairs on Kitchener & Waterloo homes from turning into a major headache.