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5 Reasons Not To Hire A Roofing Contractor In Kitchener & Waterloo

Finding a top quality roofing contractor in Kitchener, Waterloo and the surrounding region can prove stressful. With so many vendors vying for your business, it can be difficult to narrow down the search to a single provider. You can find yourself spinning wheels and wasting precious time interviewing each provider without making any noticeable progress.

Look For Red Flags With Roofing Contractors In Kitchener & Waterloo

While it’s critical to go into the process knowing what to look for, it may not be enough to help you make a final decision. Sometimes, in order to filter successfully through your shortlist of providers and confidently select a worthy roofing contractor in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, you need to know the major red flags that may arise in the search process. Knowing five reasons when to not hire a roofing contractor can help you make a wise final decision.

Extremely Low Project Bid
Many homeowners make a decision on a roofing contractor based on price alone; they realize once they are too far into the process that there were a lot of hidden costs and expenses they weren’t made aware of during the project bid. As you begin screening prospective vendors, you will absolutely want to compare estimates on your roofing job. However, if you find that one vendor is significantly lower than the others, you will want to move on to providers who offer more transparent pricing.

No Insurance
Some roofing contractors may neglect current insurance coverage in an effort to save money. However, an uninsured contractor leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits and liability should something go wrong on your jobsite. No insurance is a major reason not to hire a particular contractor.

Not Manufacturer Certified
Product warranties should play a major role in your decision making process. Your roof should last as long as possible, and valid warranties help ensure you are buying premium products that will stand the test of time and give you peace of mind that, should anything go wrong, you’re covered. Many customers don’t realize that a roofing contractor who isn’t manufacturer certified often can’t offer valid product warranties on an installation. If something happens, you may not have the coverage needed for product replacement. If a provider isn’t certified directly from the manufacturer, you can eliminate them from your search.

Significant Deposit
Asking for a substantial down payment is also a major red flag to consumers. Contractors that require a hefty deposit can be a warning sign that they don’t have the financial stability needed to cover the costs of your job. Worse yet, some contractors may take a large deposit in an attempt to scam prospective customers. Don’t take the bait; continue on with your search for a qualified provider who doesn’t demand excessive up front payments.

Pressure To Start ASAP
Are you finding that some of your prospective vendors are pressuring you to sign their contract ASAP in order to receive a project discounts? Beware. Some less reputable providers try to coerce consumers into signing a contract quickly, so they can’t check references and get a thorough understanding of the quality of work offered. While discounts are nice, it’s not enough; hold out until you have a chance to check references before making your final decision.

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