Aerial view of a shingled rooftop with a swimming pool, deck chairs, and lush greenery in the background on a sunny day.
This image shows the upper facade of a suburban house with beige siding, a brown shingled roof, white trim, and several symmetric windows.
Residential street featuring two-story brick houses with multi-gabled roofs, garages, and a white sedan parked in a driveway under overcast skies.
Aerial view of a single-story brick building with a gravel-covered flat roof, landscaped with green lawn and white stones, and a parked vehicle.
This is a two-story residential house with beige siding, white trim around windows, a shingled roof, and a clear blue sky in the background.
A beige house's soffit and gutter under a clear blue sky. The downspout connects awkwardly to the gutter, suggesting improper installation or damage.
The image shows an attic with wooden beams and rafters. Insulation material covers the floor, and there's a small window, providing some natural light.
An elegant entryway with a white front door, hardwood floors, a geometric rug, a gray chest of drawers, a lamp, a mirror, and a chandelier.
Aerial view of a large industrial building with a corrugated metal roof. People are working on the rooftop, near machinery and safety equipment. Trees and a road are visible.
Aerial view of a modern multi-story complex with flat roofs beside a highway with greenery around. Parking spaces and a few cars are visible.
Close-up of a gray tiled roof with visible water droplets, angular perspective, beyond the rooftop there's a blurred building against a cloudy sky.
A suburban house with a gray exterior, white trim, a two-car garage, well-manicured lawn, trees, an American flag, and a clear blue sky overhead.
A spacious backyard with a lush green lawn, complemented by outdoor seating and a modern white house, set against a backdrop of autumn trees.