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An Asphalt Roof On Kitchener And Waterloo Homes Is The Traditional Choice For Good Reason

An asphalt roof on a Kitchener or Waterloo home is a popular and affordable choice in roofing. Many homes use the asphalt shingles for their looks and affordability, and they are a great option for a stylish and secure roofing material.

Shingle Selection

When you start the process of repairing or replacing your asphalt roof, you’ll begin with selecting the shingles that you want to use. In addition to adding style to your home, shingles have very important qualities that you should consider. Shingles:
•    protect your home from water and leaks,
•    insulate it to retain your home’s internal temperature, and
•    withstand the elements so that your home stands safe year after year.

Of course, natural wear will occur and you will need to replace or repair a roof over time, but starting with a quality shingle means you can enjoy the benefits of a strong, good looking asphalt for years to come.

The most popular type of shingle on the market is the asphalt shingle for several reasons. From an affordability standpoint, asphalt shingles are the most cost-effective of all the roofing materials. You won’t need to destroy your budget to replace an asphalt roof. As the most traditional type of roofing, they are good choices for most people. They are easy to maintain and install and are available in a variety of colors and materials.

When it’s time to choose your asphalt shingles, there are two options: organic or fiberglass base. Both are quality materials, but there are some unique properties that may influence your decision:

Organic Bases:
•    Contain a mixture that is about 40% asphalt. This provides the waterproofing quality for the rest of the mix that comes from formerly living (organic) materials.
•    Contain wood fiber, paper, cellulose, or similar materials that retain their natural strength when wet, allowing the roof to resist the softening effect of moisture.
•    Handle freezing temperatures better, thanks to the wood fibers. They are less brittle than some of the other, man-made materials.
•    Are harder to bend and withstand the uplift that occurs when wind flows over the roof.

Fiberglass Bases:
•    Are a popular choice because they offer resistance to mold and weakening over time.
•    Contain a mat of fiberglass underlying the asphalt. This provides reinforcement for the asphalt that lies on top.
•    Reinforcement adds strength, durability, and resistance to water leaks that make these a great choice for areas where precipitation occurs regularly.

Designing An Asphalt Roof In Kitchener And Waterloo
Regardless of the type of base you choose, there are many options in color and style with asphalt shingles. Both types can be applied with layers or incorporating patterns to create a strong architectural look. Or the bases can be covered with stone or quartz to provide a look and texture that really stands out and enhances the roof.

Both varieties will hold against wind, freezing temperatures, hail, and discoloration. They are a great material to choose when you are ready to replace your roof and when you want to add some style and interest to your home.

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