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5 Signs You May Need New Roofing In Cambridge

When was the last time you actually looked at the roof of your home? If you’re like most people, it may be hard to remember when you really took in the current condition of your residential roof. Unfortunately, many ignore their roofing in Cambridge until it’s too late. It’s only when a major leak occurs, or some other type of functional compromise, that they take the time to tend to their roofing in Cambridge.

Work With Professional Firms For Roofing In Cambridge

The best way to determine if your roof requires a little TLC is to partner with a professional roofing firm. A licensed and skilled team will have the experience needed to effectively evaluate your roof’s condition. If you aren’t sure if you are quite ready for professional roofing in Cambridge, you can visually look for a few telltale signs, while planted firmly and safely on the ground.

These Signs Include:

Age Of Current Roof
One key factor in roof replacement is the overall age of the current shingle system. Asphalt shingles generally last somewhere between 20 and 25 years. Even younger roofs may require replacement, if they weren’t installed properly. Sometimes a new system is installed directly over the new one. If this has been done to your roof, you may need a replacement sooner than the typical 20+ years.

Missing Shingles
Perhaps the easiest way to determine if you need professional roofing in Cambridge is to scan the appearance of your roof for missing shingles. Over time, wind, the elements and overall deterioration can have a significant impact on the integrity of your system. Eventually your shingles may blow away. If you notice missing shingles, particular in the roofing valley, you will want to contact a professional team immediately to discuss next steps.

Curling Pieces
A roof working at optimal capacity has a flat surface. If you begin to notice that your individual shingles are more curved than flat, this could be indicative of a functional compromise. Always consult with a professional contractor to determine if your home requires a deeper evaluation.

Daylight Glimpses
Do you notice sunlight pouring in between cracks in your attic? This can be a clear indicator that something isn’t functioning as it should within the roof. If you catch daylight glimpses when you’re up in your attic, it’s officially time to speak with a contractor.

Loose Granules In Your Gutters
Have you begun to notice loose shingle granules in your gutters? During the end of its life cycle, your roofing system can tend to loose more granules than average. Additionally, you may find that your shingles have inconsistent coloring, another sign that the roof is nearing the end of its performance timespan.

Contact The Roofman Today For More Information

Still have questions about the overall condition of your shingles? The Roofman can help. Contact our team of experienced roofing professionals to determine if you’re in need of a repair or replacement. We proudly offer no-risk evaluations to determine next steps.