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Consult A Roof Contractor In Waterloo For Skylight Installation

Skylights are a great way to add natural light to a room but they must be installed properly to ensure optimal performance. As a roof contractor in Waterloo, we install both skylights and sun tunnels to add light to homes and businesses without the associated roofing problems.

Benefits Of Skylights

The biggest and most obvious benefit of skylights is the additional light they bring to a room. People love them for the natural light they provide when wall windows are not possible or aren’t bringing in enough light. But the benefits don’t stop there. Skylights also:

  • Reduce electricity demand. More natural light means less reliance on lamps and overhead lights to illuminate a room. This can reduce your energy bill.
  • Improve mood. Exposure to natural light has a proven effect on mood. Natural light during our long winter months can help ward off the winter blues.
  • Help our eyes. As we age our eyes have to work harder to see in the same level of light. More natural light helps ease this strain on our eyes by reducing glare and balancing the light in a room.
  • Provide ventilation. Some skylights open so you can get fresh air or let out hot air to help cool off a room. Skylights can be installed with passive ventilation, operating just like a window, or with an electric venting system.
  • Provide privacy. Skylights provide daylight privately. If you want to add natural light to a bedroom or bathroom but don’t want to have a window overlooking the neighbor’s home, a skylight is just the thing.

Why A Roofer Is Needed To Do The Job

Installing skylights in an existing home is a special challenge. Any time you cut into a roof, you need to work with a roofer to ensure you aren’t damaging the underlayment, sheathing, or shingles and to make sure the area is properly flashed and sealed upon completion.

Just as there are many benefits to skylights, there are many drawbacks too. These problems are exacerbated if the skylights have been installed improperly. Some drawbacks to skylights are:

  • Energy Loss. Rooms with skylights may end up feeling colder than those without them. This is because heat rises and in winter, it will gravitate towards skylights which don’t keep heat in as well as walls or ceilings. By some estimates, skylights lose 35-45% of heat in winter than the same sized wall windows. In summer, depending on the orientation of the skylight, rooms could be warmer from direct sun. Insulated shades and good weatherproofing can help with both problems.
  • Moisture Intrusion. The biggest risk with skylights comes from leaks and moisture intrusion. Even with regular maintenance, roof problems tend to form around skylights. Leaks due to flashing problems are the most common. This problem can be minimized if not avoided entirely with proper installation by a roof contractor in Waterloo.

Contact The Roofman, Roof Contractor In Waterloo, For Skylight Installation And Maintenance

If you decide you do want to have skylights installed in your home, work with a roof contractor in Waterloo to make sure they are installed properly. The Roofman is a Certified Installer of the Velux brand of skylights and sun tunnels. We can install new skylights in your home or repair leaks or moisture problems that you may be having with your existing skylights.

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