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Find Roofing In Cambridge To Match Your Architectural Design

Roofing on Cambridge homes is very important to the integrity of both the buildings themselves and the neighborhood. Although a roof serves the functional purpose of protecting the structure, it’s also highly aesthetic and pulls together the look of your home and community. It’s because of this that the roof deserves as much or more attention as the windows or siding, when it comes to looks.

Enhance Your Home’s Looks With Roofing In Cambridge

The right roofing material can add architectural detail or complement the home’s design. Roofing in Cambridge is available in metal, wood, or synthetic shingles. Each has its own unique properties and installation processes.

Metal roofs are great for the climate in Cambridge. They are durable, resist weathering, and are easy to install. Today’s metal roofs provide plenty of options, ranging from functional and industrial to elegant and luxurious. For a flat roof, there is metal sheeting. For a sloped roof, vertical seam panels are a smart option. These are sheets with ribs, or lines, where the panels attach, that add architectural detail and interest. A metal roof is a great, low-maintenance option no matter where it is installed. Regardless of the type of metal that you choose, it is an environmentally conscious, reliable, and attractive choice.

  • Wooden Roofs

Wooden Roofs are a classic and always deliver loads of aesthetic appeal. These shingles are strong and stylish, and they are a natural resource that can add some charm to your home or business. Since wood is an organic material, it receives treatments to prevent degradation over time, which adds to its durability. One other advantage to wood is that each shingle is unique. Structures that use wood shingles will be distinct from one another, because the wood is not uniform, allowing each to be distinguishable from the next.

  • Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic shingles are affordable, practical, and stylish. Made with asphalt, this popular type of shingle resists weathering, mold, and wind, making for a very durable material. An asphalt roof can be simple or architecturally bold, making it a good choice for a house, business, or industrial structure. In addition to these qualities, asphalt shingles work well in all climates, and they are reliable. There is a consistently to the product that makes them easy to install and maintain, particularly in the case of a repair.

Here Are A Few Architectural Styles And Roofing Material Suggestions:

  • Rustic. Wooden shingles or shakes make for a gorgeous rustic look. The wood varies in color and thickness which adds a natural, organic appearance to the roof that is perfect for a cabin or rough-hewn cottage style.
  • Contemporary. Metal roofing with vertical seams makes a great, modern statement. Industrial, Industrial-chic, or Blends/Fusions work great with this product.
  • Classic. Asphalt readily creates the impression of a traditional structure, either for a home or business. With the ability to carry the look of wood or stone, an asphalt roof tile will add beauty as well as practicality to Manor, Colonial, or Brick structures.

Explore Roofing Options With Help From The Roofman

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