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Is Your Home A Candidate for A Metal Roof in Kitchener?

Is it time to replace your roof? Are you interested in a low-maintenance, durable, eco-friendly roofing option? Consider a metal roof. Kitchener homes are sporting these sleek new roofs more than ever before thanks to advances in design and construction quality.

Metal Roofs Are Everywhere

If you look closely, you’ll notice metal roofs popping up all over in Kitchener – and we’re not just talking about warehouses. Metal roofs are showing up on Kitchener homes as much as they are being used by businesses and government agencies. Today’s metal roofs are a far cry from the corrugated tin roofing of the past. Most are made of galvanized steel making them exceptionally strong and long lasting. They are available in many colors to meet any desired roofing color and they work on flat or sloped roofs, even severely steep roofs.

Designs For All Types Of Homes

Many people who are looking in to metal roofing already know about the benefits and how it is superior to asphalt shingles. The bigger concern in their minds is how the roof will look on their home and if their home can accommodate a metal roof. Metal roofing has long been associated with industrial roofs and modern-styled homes, but the variety of metal roofing products available means there is an option to fit any home style.

If you like clean lines and a sleek look, metal roofing is for you. True, you won’t get the weathered look of a wood shake roof. If that’s the look you want, then metal roofing might not be for you. The most common type of metal roof for residential use is a standing seam roof. These panel systems connect along seams that run vertically from the edge of the eaves to the peak of the roof. They are great at shrugging off snow and ice and can even help prevent ice dams from forming, because there are no shingles that water and ice can back up under. That’s not the only type of metal roof Kitchener homes boast though. Stone-look metal and flat metal roofs are common, too.

The age of the home usually isn’t a factor either. As long as the home has good “bones” it can probably accommodate a metal roof. Kitchener roofs are not as heavy as tile, slate, or wood, which can lighten the load that your framing bears. Even though the roofing is made of steel, it’s very lightweight and will not absorb water, which could also add to the weight of the roof.

Find Out If Your Home Is A Candidate For A Metal Roof In Kitchener

If metal roofs have you intrigued, call The Roofman at 519-744-3830 to find out if a metal roof is right for your home. We would be happy to come out and take a look at your home’s structure and current roofing system to discuss its’ suitability for a metal roof in Kitchener. Visit www.roofman.com to learn more about metal roofs.