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New Roof In Kitchener: Choose The Right Material For You

Choosing a new roof in Kitchener requires careful consideration of several factors. The materials are one of the biggest considerations before moving forward with this process.

Partner With A Professional Roofing Contractor In Kitchener

Many homeowners are surprised at how much there is to think about when choosing the right material for their residence. The material that you choose will have the biggest impact on both your overall curb appeal and budget. Additionally, not every material can be used universally on any roof. Factors such as slope, and the strength of the building will play a major role in identifying the best choices available.

It’s critical to arm yourself with as much information as possible on various materials so you make a sound final decision for your new roof in Kitchener. The best way to achieve this is by partnering with a local contracting team that specializes in roofing installations and repair. A reputable vendor will team with you to outline some of the most salient material features as well as a specific application for each.

When discussing materials for a new roof in Kitchener, consider these viable options for your residential or commercial building:

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt is the most popular option, and with good reason. First, these products offer a fairly inexpensive alternative to other materials. Secondly, this option delivers an easy installation process. Asphalt shingles are made from a combination of asphalt, granules, and a fiberglass medium. When discussing this solution with your professional contractor, you will likely talk about two basic configurations; single thickness varieties, which is a standard choice, or thicker, laminated products. Many consumers feel that the laminated option provides a little more visual appeal; however, the standard selection is roughly half the cost of as the laminated. Lifespans vary with each choice, so you will want to thoroughly discuss each with your contractor to make a sound final decision.


Metal is a roofing category that includes several variations such as copper, aluminum and steal. Metal roofing materials delivers a durable option for homeowners with distinctive slopes and pitches to consider. Additionally, a metal surface can help repel precipitation as well as prevent heavy snow and ice accumulation. These products can prove more expensive when compared to other choices, so it’s critical to talk costs with your contractor before moving forward with a new roof in Kitchener.


Wood was a main choice for home for hundreds of years, though it has seen a slide in popularity once synthetic materials became more accessible. However, some homeowners still opt for shingles made of pine, redwood or cedar. Wood offers an instant esthetic boost; however, this particular material can also come at higher price points than its metal and asphalt counterparts.

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