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Use A Roof Contractor In Cambridge For An Annual Inspection

Our residential roofs have an important job to do: keep our families safe, warm and dry. However, many homeowners don’t give their roofing structures much attention. We expect them to do their jobs…until they don’t. We often only think about the roofs over our head when something goes wrong. When we find ourselves facing interior water damage in our attics and ceilings, or when we can actually see light coming in through a visibly damaged roof, we finally realize that we need help. It’s only then that we contact a roof contractor in Cambridge to manage the severity of the situation.

Get A Roofing Inspection For The Ultimate Peace Of Minds

Don’t wait until it’s too late with your residential roofing; partner with a skilled and professional roof contractor in Cambridge for at least an annual inspection (it’s often recommended to have these evaluations performed twice a year, in spring and fall). A qualified roof contractor in Cambridge will come to your home to inspect the current condition of your roof’s performance. During the inspection, he or she will look for several key factors to determine if you require reparation or replacement, such as

Leaks are possibly the biggest indication that you may require some repairs on your home’s roofing system. Leaking can be caused by several factors. Some homeowners may notice missing shingles due to strong winds; the missing shingles create a compromise for moisture to get in. Also, clogged gutters can also play a role in water finding it’s way into your home.

Rot And Mold
If you’ve noticed dark marks or dark spots that trail down your roof, you may have rot and mold on the exterior of your home. A professional roof contractor in Cambridge will be able to identify if you have rot and mold, as well as where it’s source of origin.

Shingle Compromise
Even if the overall roofing system looks fine, a closer inspection may show various areas where the shingles are doing with they are supposed to do. Overtime, exposed shingles can break, buckle, rot, curl or even be missing entirely. Your contractor will note if you have any areas with an exceptional stretch of compromised shingles.

Gutter Performance
Many homeowners are surprised to realize that their gutter’s performance can play a major role in how their roofing structures perform. Improperly draining gutters can spill back over into the roof, causing water damage throughout.

Improper Flashing
Unfortunately, some homeowners realize that their home was built without the right amount of flashing on the roofing. Your home should have at least 3 feet of flashing barrier to prevent water from seeping into the house. Additionally, the contractor will also look for an under layer in the flashing to ensure the roofing area is prepped to repel ice and water as well.

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