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Work With A Flat Roofing Contractor To Guard Against Winter Dangers

Here at The Roofman, as a leading flat roofing contractor, we know firsthand that flat roofs often get a bad rap. This is especially true in the winter. Business owners often assume that this type of roofing system simply cannot withstand snow accumulation throughout the winter season.

While maintaining your flat roof in winter is critical, it’s important to know that a non-sloping structure offers a wide range of features and benefits, making it an excellent option for commercial properties throughout the region. If you have this style roof, work with a flat roofing contractor to protect your building and guard against winter dangers.

Protect Your Commercial Building Against Snow Load Failure

Snow load failure is the biggest threat to your roofing system this winter. As winter storms hit, the snow left on roofing systems begins to accumulate. While the initial weight of the snow may not pose an issue, if left unattended, it can present significant issues. Freezing temperatures can turn even the lightest, fluffiest snow into heavy ice. In time, the weight of the ice can begin to compromise the overall roofing structure. Even if the temperatures don’t dip below freezing, accumulated snow can still cause problems on your commercial building. Eventually the white stuff starts to melt as temperatures warm; resulting rainwater can mix with the white stuff, once again posing a weight failure issue.

Many commercial building owners believe that they can handle the winter snow load themselves. However, this type of project is best left to the professionals. Every time you go up on your building’s roof exterior, you risk fall and/or injury. Even climbing a ladder to evaluate overall accumulation can prove dangerous. Your best strategy to ward off the danger of winter is to partner with a professional flat roofing contractor in your region. An experienced team will understand the steps needed to keep your building safe.

What To Expect From Your Flat Roofing Contractor This Winter

Once you’ve chosen your flat roofing contractor, it’s important to know what to expect as part of their service capabilities. A qualified provider knows that it’s critical to inspect the building after every significant storm system. Your team will check out the accumulated snow, ice and moisture to determine if your building’s exterior may start to buckle or show compromise. From there, they will put together a removal plan.

Not only will your vendor have the manpower needed for successful removal, they will also have the right equipment to properly complete the job. The harsh cold temperatures can make the roof brittle and more susceptible to damage. Your chosen provider will offer experienced, skilled and trained workers who have the best tools to safely eliminate snow buildup without causing more damage. Finally, once the buildup has been successfully removed, these teams will also take care of hanging icicles as well as clear out drainage systems to keep your flat roof in tip-top shape.

Contact The Roofman today to learn more about safeguarding your flat roofing system this winter.