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Do You Need Roof Repairs In Kitchener? Five Signs Your Residential Shingles Need A Little TLC

If you are considering roof repairs in Kitchener, at some point, every homeowner will face the probability of repair and/or replacement on their residential shingled roof. These roofing systems have a proven reputation for integrity and performance; however, as with any type of exterior feature, time and Mother Nature may eventually cause a compromise in how the system functions on your home.

Telltale Indicators You Need Roof Repairs In Kitchener

How can you tell if your home requires roof repairs in Kitchener? Consider these five important, telltale signs when looking at your roof.

Broken And/Or Missing Shingles

Have you started to notice broken or even missing shingles throughout your residential roof? You may be a candidate for roof repairs in Kitchener. Excessive wind and even damage from falling debris can cause broken and missing components. If left unattended, these spaces throughout your roofing system can allow water to start creeping inside your home, causing even more extensive damage.

Curling Pieces

Sometimes the shingles will not break and blow away completely; instead they show more of a curling affect at their ends. A curled shingle can mean excessive heat damage and even just general aging. When left unrepaired, these pieces can eventually get uplifted in the wind and break.

Warped Shingles

Warped and/or buckling shingles are caused by aging or even a poor initial installment; buckled pieces can suffer wind and ice damage and may get ripped off the roof completely.

Eliminated Granules

Does it look like some of your shingles have actually lost their granules? These granules protect the shingle from excessive heat exposure. Once the granules have been lost, you may notice that the entire roofing system starts to age at a rapid pace.

Deteriorated Flashings

Sometimes the roofing damage is not on the shingle itself; some homeowners find that their flashings begin to break down and show signs of wear and tear, allowing for water and moisture to find its way inside the house.

Work With The Roofman For Your Roof Repairs In Kitchener

If you are not completely sure that you will require roof repairs in Kitchener, partner with The Roofman. They are a professional contracting firm that specializes in roofing projects throughout the region. Our skilled and experienced team will offer a no-risk roofing evaluation on your property. Our licensed and certified contractors will systematically go through your entire roofing system, and examining both the interior and exterior functionality. From there, we will be able to put together a customized plan based on your specific roofing needs. From outlining general roof repairs in Kitchener to recommending a complete roof replacement, The Roofman will have the insight and skill resources to effectively manage whatever you need on your residence.

Are you ready to schedule your free project consultation to see if your roofing shingles require a little TLC? Contact the team at The Roofman today. We look forward to hearing from you.