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Get The Safety And Beauty Of A Metal Roof In Waterloo – Even The Installation Is Easier!

A metal roof in Waterloo is the right choice for a safer home. Homeowners are careful to keep smoke detectors in their rooms and stay watchful for using live flames, but there is more that you can do to protect your home from fire. Metal roofs are the best choice for a fire resistant home.

In addition to protection, metal roofing is a product that offers many other advantages in terms of cost, style, and durability.

Metal Roofing Is Weather-Resistant

One of the benefits of a metal roof on Waterloo homes is its’ ability to resist wear from weather. Weathering is a common problem that breaks down the materials of a roof over time. Exposure to heat can cause cracks and weaken the tiles. Cold can add pressure from ice that freezes and melts. Snow builds and weighs down the roof. Metal is extremely resistant to all of these weather conditions and even the extreme temperature changes that nature sends to Waterloo over the course of the year.

Wind resistance is another benefit. Metal will hold against the constant force of the wind. You hear the wind whistle as it passes your home, and this is phenomenon is known as uplift. Wind will flow over the tiles, and it will actually flow under them as well. As it passes around and through the edges, the force of the wind will trend upward as the air follows its path back into the current above. Traditional shingles can fly off or lift partially off as a result of this wind. Metal roofs are bigger, solid pieces. They are not as affected by this wind lift as other roofing materials, will wear less from the friction of the wind, and will hold together longer.

Metal Roofing Is An Economical Choice

Most metal roofing is aluminum or steel. Both are affordable choices that make selecting a metal roof less of a burden on your budget. A metal roof is often much more economical in other ways too:

  • Metal roofs reflect the heat of the sun. This adds a better layer of insulation in the summer, and holds heat inside longer in winter, making it a better insulator. The reduction in your utility bill adds to the great cost savings that a metal roof provides long after it’s been installed.

  • The lightweight nature of the metal means that installation is much faster. They are easier products to install, and a fast installation will factor into the savings.

  • They are made of durable materials that mean less replacement in the future. This is a strong roofing material that withstands the fluctuations in temperatures and lasts longer.

Metal Roofing Is A Stylish Choice

While metal roofing has been around for a long time, originating with copper roofing as far back as the Romans, it has been a recent choice as the materials have become much more accessible to everyday homeowners. There are two types of metal roofing and many options for adding style to your home.

  • Metal panels. Metal panels offer a modern look with the raised edges in between that run lengthwise from rooftop to edge. These standing seam metal roofs add dimension and architecture to your home. Many homeowners interested in a contemporary feel would choose this style.

  • Metal shingles. Metal shingles offer the best of both worlds – traditional shingles such as the slate or Spanish style, but strength and durability of metal. They simulate the look of a shingle and give you the same options for layering while offering the weather resistance and strength of metal.

Both types of metal roofing can be painted, a simple coating that allows you to change the color and add another element of style to your home.

To lean more about installing a metal roof in Waterloo, call The Roofman today for a consultation. Get a roof that looks great and adds security to your home.