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Hire A Cambridge Roofing Company In 7 Easy Steps

Your roof is not just a significant investment, it also has an important job: keeping you and your family protected, warm, and dry. It’s critical to know how to successfully source a Cambridge roofing company. Following 7 easy steps can help you find a skilled and experienced provider capable of completing your job on time, and on budget.

1) Choose Three Prospects

Don’t settle for the first name that appears in your browser search. Ask your personal network for referrals and choose three local prospects that have a solid reputation in your neighborhood so you can compare services and value during the decision making process.

2) Verify Licensing

Licensing is very important when hiring a Cambridge roofing company. Discuss current licensing for your specific area with each prospective contractor. The Department of Professional Regulation in your state will have ample information on what type of licensing you should look for to make the process easier.

3) Ask For Important Information

Unfortunately, every industry has scammers. When speaking with a potential Cambridge roofing company, always ask for important information like business address, email, contact information, website and tax identification number to ensure you partner with a legitimate business..

4) Discuss Insurance

Many homeowners don’t realize that if a contractor doesn’t hold insurance, they may be held responsible if someone gets injured on the job at their property. A qualified vendor will offer proof of insurance that includes workers’ compensation and liability coverage that covers the entire length of the job. This coverage delivers peace of mind that you will not be held liable for injury.

5) See Previous Jobs

A local contracting team should have completed jobs in the area that you can check out. Seeing finished projects will give you a firsthand account about the quality of work you can expect. During this time you should also ask for references. Checking references is a great way to gauge the type of overall working experience you will have with your chosen provider.

6) Know About Manufacturer Approval

Just because a provider says they know how to install a certain system doesn’t mean that they have received the right training for it. As part of the screening process, discuss the specific systems where they have been authorized by the manufacturer and also received manufacturer direct training. Additionally, an authorized provider will be able to offer the manufacturer’s warranty on the products installed.

 7) Get It In Writing

You may feel tempted to just move forward with the provider that offers the lowest price; however, you will want to see the entire project estimate in writing. Here you may find hidden fees and expenses that weren’t discussed yet. Comparing your printed estimates will give you the information you need to make the right choice for your roofing needs.

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