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How To Choose The Best Color For Your New Roof In Kitchener

Getting ready to install a new roof in Kitchener? At The Roofman, we know firsthand that picking the material for your new roofing system is only one of the esthetic components that you’ll need to consider. Beyond the product that you’ll use on your new roof in Kitchener, you’ll also need to think about one other element to maximize visual impact: color.

Tips For Selecting A Color For Your New Roof In Kitchener That You’ll Love

When you’re ready to start considering the color of the shingles, the virtually endless options can quickly start to feel overwhelming. However, it is possible to rapidly eliminate entire categories on the color spectrum and zero in on a shade that resonates with your own personal style as well as boosts your property’s overall curb appeal. When choosing the best color for your new roof in Kitchener, consider these important tips for selection success:

Tip #1: Think About Your Style Statement
All homeowners have their own unique style statement. If you’ve already decorated the inside of your home, you already have a general idea about what types of style statements you like to make. Do you love loud, bold, fashionable looks? Or, do you find that you favor more of an understated, classic, final look? Knowing whether you’d like to go for trendy or traditional can help you zero in on a shade that will work best for you.

Tip #2: Look At Your Thermometer
Considering your climate can help you choose a new roof in Kitchener that not only looks great, but can also help control your energy bills. If you live in a warmer region, you’ll want to select lighter color shingles on your new roof in Kitchener to reflect the sunlight and keep the temperature in your attic as cool as possible to eliminate the threat of accumulating humidity. Live in a cooler climate? You’ll want to stick to a darker shade on your shingles to absorb and trap heat. Added bonus? These darker shingles can help prevent ice dams from forming on your new roof in Kitchener.

Tip #3: Accessorize Your Exterior
Don’t want to make a bold style choice on your new roof in Kitchener? Not a problem, use this as an opportunity to complement the existing color scheme of your home’s exterior. The shingles on your home can actually act as an accessory if chosen correctly. Use darker or brighter shades on a neutral color home and opt for neutral shades if your home’s exterior look is eye-catching on its own.

Tip #4: Consider The Size Of Your Home
Finally, when choosing the color of your new roof in Kitchener, think about the overall size of your home. A lighter shade can instantly make your home look larger and more expansive. Conversely, a darker shade will make the house look more compact.

Still have questions about picking the best color of your new roof in Kitchener? The experienced installation experts at The Roofman can help. Visit our website or fill out a contact form today to tell us more about your upcoming roofing project.