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How To Find A Residential Roof Contractor In Cambridge That You Can Trust

Finding a residential roof contractor in Cambridge can initially feel like an impossible task. With so many prospective contractors to choose from, how can you possibly find a qualified and reputable provider who will deliver on everything they promise? Before you give up the search for a roof contractor in Cambridge, it’s important to consider a few viable tips that can streamline the screening process and help connect you with a firm capable of giving you the roofing experience that you deserve.

When searching for a reputable residential roof contractor in Cambridge, consider the following when making your selection:

Permanent place of business: With so many fly by night businesses claiming to be industry experts, it’s important to look for a team with a permanent business address as well as phone number and tax ID number.

Proof of insurance: Feeling uncomfortable asking your prospective contractors about their insurance coverage? Don’t be. You should always be your own biggest advocate during this process, and determining that your provider has viable liability coverage and workers’ compensation is a key way to guarantee that you are being protected. While you are having the conversation, ask about whether the business is licensed and bonded.

Financial stability: The last thing you want to worry about is hiring a residential roof contractor in Cambridge that goes out of business halfway through your project. A professional and experienced contractor will be able to provide financial information about the organization so you know you’re teaming with a stable business.

Industry affiliations: Touting various affiliations proves commitment to the industry as well as a dedication to standing out from the competition.

Client references: Checking references are a great way to hear firsthand how a specific residential roof contractor in Cambridge handles clients. You will get insight on what you can expect, how important customer satisfaction is and even how organized the team keeps the worksite.

Non-client references: Beyond speaking to a list of customers given to you by the contractor, it’s important to check out sources to determine the reputation of each prospect. Contact your local Better Business Bureau and visit online review sites to further flesh out how highly a potential vendor is esteemed in your area.

Diverse product line: The type of roofing product you choose is almost as important as the contractor you choose to install it. Look for a contractor who has received training in a wide range of roofing products, materials and styles. Many roofing systems require specific training, so ask questions to determine where, when, and how he or she received their training.

Written proposal: A professional and ethical contracting team will offer everything agreed upon in a written proposal. This includes the pricing model agreed upon. If you come across a business that won’t put it in writing, move on, quickly.
Ask about warranties: Not only should you carefully read the product warranties before moving forward with a residential contractor in Cambridge, you should also have detailed information about the type of workmanship guarantees you can expect as well. Never partner with providers who won’t stand behind their work.

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