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Is It Time For A New Roof In Kitchener?

It can be hard to tell whether your home needs a new roof in Kitchener, or whether repairs will do the trick. If you are facing roof problems, the first step to deciding what to do is to get an inspection and assessment:The sooner the better. If you can already detect problems, your home may be incurring damage that will ultimately add up to more expensive repairs. It is a good idea to have your roof routinely inspected at least once a year, just to stay ahead of problems.

What Should I Look For? 

  • Damaged Or Missing Shingles – Your shingles have a story to tell. Obviously, if some are missing, you need immediate repairs. This may also be a sign that your roof has been damaged by high wind or snow; there may be more damage that you cannot see. If the missing shingles are in a “valley” on your roof, there is good reason to search more closely for possible damage underneath, due to leakage. If you notice shingles with curled edges, your roof is likely sending a signal that it is nearing the end of its useful life.
  • Loose Flashings Or Other Hardware – Look at any place on your roof where something is sticking up through it, like a chimney or plumbing vent, or down through the roof, like an antenna. If you see that the metal flashing is loose, or that anything passing through the roof surface seems crooked or loose, you should be concerned. Loose flashings allow water to seep through vulnerable places in the roof structure, and anything installed through the roof surface that has come loose may have enlarged and/or uncovered the hole through the roofing.
  • Shingle “Sand” – Look in your rain gutter or on the ground where rainwater runs off your roof. If you see a lot of the “sand” material that was originally on the shingle surfaces, your shingles are decaying, and need to be replaced.
  • Visible Sagging In The Roof– Stand back from your house and look carefully at the surface of the roof. If you see any ridges or sagging areas, you know that you have got a problem with the roof structure, most likely due to water damage. It could be from rotting roof deck material, or damage to the trusses supporting the roof.
  • Check The Attic – If you can get into your attic or crawl space, look for any signs of water incursion, mold or mildew, and any places where you can see daylight through the roof.


Call For Backup

 If your search turns up any of these warning signs, call for a professional inspection immediately. The professionals at The Roofman have been repairing, maintaining, and installing new roofs in Kitchener, Waterloo and the surrounding communities for 35 years. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and an assessment of your roof. We will give you an unbiased presentation of your roof damage and options for repairing or replacing.