Residential street featuring two-story brick houses with multi-gabled roofs, garages, and a white sedan parked in a driveway under overcast skies.
The image shows a logo for "Ideal Roofing Company Limited, Manufacturers" with stylized house and tree as part of the letter "P" in green color.
The image shows the logo of Vicwest Building Products, featuring stylized red and grey lettering with a small red maple leaf.
The image shows a logo featuring the word "WESTLIN" in large, bold, blue letters, with the phrase "BUILDING SUPPLIES" below it. Above, a stylized graphic depicts a row of houses.
Aerial view of a large, luxurious Tudor-style house with steep gabled roofs, surrounded by lush gardens, trees, a manicured lawn, and a cobblestone driveway.
Modern house with a pitched metal roof, white walls, wood accents, large windows, and an outdoor unit, set against a clear blue sky.
The image shows a map with various towns labeled, such as Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, and others, indicating a region probably in Canada.
This image displays a minimalist, geometric mountain design with a gradient of blue hues, set against a flat teal background.
The image showcases a close-up view of a textured metal roof with wavy patterns and a vent under a clear blue sky.