This image shows a close-up of a house façade with a gable, white window trim, beige siding, and dark shingles under a clear sky.
A suburban house with blue siding, white trim, brickwork, and decorative gable accents under a clear sky. The house appears modern and well-maintained.
Aerial view of a large construction site with a partially completed building, surrounded by trees and construction vehicles, under a clear sky.
An aerial view of a luxurious Tudor-style home with dark shingles surrounded by lush landscaping, a driveway with vehicles, and a person standing nearby.
The image shows a close-up of an asphalt shingle roof with a chimney, clear blue sky, white clouds, and a hint of a tree visible.
Aerial view of a single-story brick building with a gravel roof, signage reading "SUNROOM," manicured landscaping, and a parked pickup truck.
The image shows a suburban neighborhood with a two-story house undergoing roof repairs, workers visible, and two service vehicles parked outside.