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Roof Repairs In Cambridge: Don’t Forget The Farmer’s Porch

As homeowners in the Cambridge area, we all know the roof on our homes plays a critical role in the comfort and safety of everyone living inside. Many of us remain vigilant about roof repairs in Cambridge when it comes to the main building itself. However, oftentimes, we forget that the roof over our decks and farmer’s porches may also require roof repairs in Cambridge as well.

Much like our homes, the roof of a porch withstands a wide range of forces as it protects us from the elements. Winds, rains, storms, and even debris from trees and shrubs are just some of the many things that could potentially damage a porch’s roofing system. Unfortunately, slight compromises in that system get overlooked with our busy lives and schedules; it’s only until a significant leak or major damage occurs that we actually consider getting roof repairs on our porch. By then, the consequences can be significant; a visibly failing roofing system can prove potentially expensive, and may mean the space is unsafe for use.

Consider Roof Repairs In Cambridge Before An Problem Develops

Of course, for many of us, knowing when it’s time to consider reparations on our porches is often easier said than done. It can be hard to determine when the material on the roofing is starting to show compromise, especially if a quick look at the shingles shows no sign of damage. What is the first thing to think about when deciding if you need porch or deck roof repairs in Cambridge? The actual age of the shingles and system that is currently in place. Realistically, most standard porch roofs with standard shingles have a life expectancy of roughly 20 years from the time of installation. After two decades, even the strongest materials will begin to show signs of wear and tear, making it possible that some repairs may be needed.

Beyond the age of the roofing and shingles, there are other things to consider when evaluating the health of your porch and deck roof. Some other telltale signs include:

Indentations / Concave Spots

Have you noticed that there are dips and indentations on various spots on your roof? Concave areas can mean that undetected leaks have wreaked havoc on the wood underneath, causing rot and decay just below the surface. If you do notice this type of indentation, you should discontinue use of the area until it’s repaired.

Dark Streaks Underneath

When you look at the underside of the porch roof, do you notice dark streaks or trails? This can also be problematic; dark areas on the roofing can mean that there’s growing mold and/or mildew.

Shingle Damage

The most common (and most obvious) indication that a roof is compromised? Visible damage on the shingles themselves. Curled edges, broken pieces, and even shingles that are missing entirely can all be signs that it’s time to have the porch’s roof evaluated by a professing roofing contractor in Cambridge.

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