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Roofing Warranties 101: What To Know And Ask About Your New Roof In Kitchener

When it comes to purchasing a new roof in Kitchener, you will find yourself weeding through a lot of details, particularly when it comes to selecting the right product for your home. Factors such as color, style, look, durability, and longevity are just some of the many items you will have to consider before making your final choice and moving forward in the process. Additionally, you will also have to weed through a lengthy list of potential contractors to guarantee that your new roof in Kitchen gets installed properly for long lasting performance and overall return on investment.

The Warranty On Your New Roof In Kitchener Can Make A Difference

The warranty often gets overlooked when consumers purchase a new roof in Kitchener. Many homeowners assume that all warranties are the same, or that the slight differences between them cannot really make a major difference in the overall experience they have with their roofing system. Unfortunately, this simply is not the case. In order to make the right decision for your new roof in Kitchener, you should take the time needed to understand how to find a product that performs and offers some important guarantees.

But how?

If you are not sure what to ask when researching roofing products, read on. Understanding a few key questions can make the entire process more streamlined and convenient. When discussing warranties on your new roof in Kitchener, ask about:

Length Of Warranty

First and foremost, always inquire about warranty lengths. Many will offer “lifetime” warranties, which may initially sound appealing. However, you will want to drill down on what this actually means with your chosen contractor. Oftentimes lifetime warranties will only cover specific defects, not weather damage and/or normal product aging/deterioration.

Specific Requirements

Some warranties mandate maintenance requirements by the homeowner throughout the product lifetime. Ask your contractor if maintenance is suggested, or actually required. If required, get specific details about what these requirements entail to keep your warranty compliant.

Labor Costs

If the roofing materials fail, does your warranty cover both the replacement materials as well as labor costs? Knowing if you will have to finance labor on a faulty product may change your mind about which products to use.

Replace Or Just Repair

Many homeowners assume that their warranties will cover both replacement and repair costs. However, this is not always the case. Discuss the fine print with your chosen contractor to determine if you will only be covered for either a replacement or repair, but not both.

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What is the best way to ensure that your new roof in Kitchener performs as it should? Partner with a skilled and qualified professional contractor. Here at The Roofman, we do not only install products with industry-leading warranties; we also stand behind our work. The Roofman offers workmanship guarantees to ensure that every project surpasses client expectations. Do you want to hear more? Contact our contracting team today!