This image shows the upper facade of a suburban house with beige siding, a brown shingled roof, white trim, and several symmetric windows.
The image features the logo of CertainTeed, with bold blue text and a bracket graphic element, and the additional identifier "SAINT-GOBAIN" below in smaller font.
The image features the letters "GAF" in white, centered on a red rectangular background. The design is simple, with a bold, clean font.
This is a logo featuring a green four-leaf clover next to the bold, black text "Malarkey Roofing Products" with a registered trademark symbol.
Aerial view of a construction site with multiple people working on a rooftop, materials scattered around, and a crane loading supplies.
A view from a rooftop featuring shingles in the foreground, with lush green trees, utility vehicles, and a clear sky with fluffy clouds above.
The image shows a close-up of an asphalt shingle roof with a chimney, clear blue sky, white clouds, and a hint of a tree visible.
The image shows a map with various towns labeled, such as Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, and others, indicating a region probably in Canada.
This image displays a minimalist, geometric mountain design with a gradient of blue hues, set against a flat teal background.
Aerial view of a shingled rooftop with a swimming pool, deck chairs, and lush greenery in the background on a sunny day.