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Tips For Flat Roof Leak Repair On Kitchener Homes And Businesses

Flat roof leak repair on Kitchener homes and businesses is inevitable. Flat roofs are notorious for developing leaks since water sits atop the structure longer than it does on a sloped roof. It’s not unusual to see problems on flat roofs that are only 5-10 years old. If you’ve got a flat roof, we’ve got some tips for you. These tips will help you figure out what to do in an emergency and if it makes more sense to repair or replace.

Emergency Stop-Gap Measures

Once water shows up inside the building, you’ve got trouble. The leak is already well-established by this point, having worked its way through the roofing materials, rafters, insulation, and ceiling materials. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as emergency leak repair. You’ve got to wait for the rain to stop before a true repair can be attempted. In the meantime, you can take steps to minimize damage to the exterior and the interior of the home or business.

  • The first thing to do is protect the interior by placing buckets under the leak. This will prevent water from causing any more interior damage.

  • Cover the problem area with a tarp. Flat roof leaks are usually located right above the ceiling damage. If there is no obvious sign of damage, look for low spots, separated seams, or damaged flashing; the trouble probably started there.

Repair Or Replace?

Once you’ve got the water situation under control, you can evaluate if you should repair the roof or replace it. Unfortunately, flat roofing repairs are a never-ending cycle. While a repair job will be quicker and less expensive than replacement, it won’t last. If a flat roof develops a leak in one area, chances are very, very good that it will soon develop a leak in a different spot. And you’re back to square one. If you attempt the repair yourself you may have trouble matching the material to the existing roofing material, which will only lead to problems down the road. Not to mention you might not get the full leak covered or you may discover there’s more to the leak than was first visible. If you’re up for the task, DIY repair can work, but it’s probably not ideal. A professional roofer will have access to better quality materials than you’ll find at the local hardware store. Add to that their experience, knowledge, and having all the right tools for the job, and a professional repair job pays for itself in terms of quality of work and time saved.

However, complete flat roof replacement is going to be unavoidable at some point. You can keep making repairs and patches and hoping they hold, but you should also be thinking about total replacement in the near future. Keep in mind that with every new leak, you’re getting more interior, hidden structural damage. This is in addition to the visible ceiling, floor, and possible furnishings damage. These costs all add up quickly and when you consider these hidden costs of repairing roofs, you may find that a replacement doesn’t look quite as bad as you thought it did originally!

A brand new roof will eliminate all low spots, areas of damage, flashing problems, and provide one consistent material across the roof. You’ll breathe easier every time a storm rolls in.

If you need flat roof leak repair in Kitchener, contact The Roofman. We have been installing, repairing, and maintaining roofs for over 31 years. If your roof can be saved, we’ll be able to do it.