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Tips To Stop Roof Leaking Until The Professionals Arrive

An occasional rainy day can prove a relaxing reprieve from the hectic bustle of our everyday lives. Cozying up with loved ones inside with a bad weather day can help rejuvenate us for what’s next on our busy schedules…until we notice a leak in our roof. A faulty roofing system can instantly turn a casual, relaxing rain shower into a stressful, chaotic event.

Having a professional roof contractor in Cambridge repair any leaks and deterioration you notice in your home is critical; however, sometimes a leak arises and you need to manage damage control and stop roof leaking until the professionals can come and handle your repairs. Knowing a few important tips to stop roof leaking until your trust contractor arrives can help minimize damage and overall stress.

Three Steps To Stop Roof Leaking

Three fast ways to help stop roof leaking and minimize damage until a professional can get to your home, include:

Focus On Inside Issue First
The first step in trying to stop roof leaking starts inside your home. Generally, a leak in your roofing system allows water in, pooling moisture at its point of origin until it builds up and needs some place to go. Once all that wetness finds an escape route (oftentimes, through a light fixture or other penetration area in your floor/ceiling), it will begin soaking through, damaging everything in its path. As soon as you notice a compromise or leak, inspect your ceiling. If you notice a large, wet area, or even a bulge above you where water is escaping, you will want to place a container directly underneath to prevent further damage throughout your home.

Find Point Of Origin
Many people assume that the leak in the ceiling always aligns with the roof leak. However, this is not always the case. You may spot a bulge in your ceiling that’s building up water from a break in your roof at an entirely different location. It’s important to keep this in mind as you begin looking for the leak’s point of origin. Carefully look over the areas impacted to determine where the leak started.

Go Into Maintenance Mode
Once you’ve determined where the leak started, it’s crucial to make maintaining subsequent damage and deterioration your top priority. It’s important to remember that only professional, experienced roofers should ever climb on the outside of the roof. If you can easily go up into your attic and see the hole in your roof, you may be able to temporarily repair the hole from the inside, using items such as roofing tape or a tarp. However, standing on top of your roof in any weather condition can prove dangerous. Attempting to climb up during a bad weather day to manage a leak can jeopardize your personal safety and lead to injury. If the only way to fix the leak is on the outside of your roof, leave it until your professional provider can come to stop the leak.

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