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Top Benefits Of Installing An Asphalt Roof In Kitchener And Waterloo

Are you building your dream home? Does your current home need maintenance and a “facelift”? You may be surprised at how attractive, cost-effective and protective asphalt roofs can be. We explore some of the many ways that installing an asphalt roof in Kitchener, Waterloo and the surrounding areas may be your best choice.

Here Are Some Of The Best Benefits And Features Of Having Or Installing An Asphalt Roof:

They’re Cost Effective

With an asphalt roof, you have many style and color options at a much lower price point than other materials. Plus, with regular inspections, assessments and maintenance, your asphalt roof can last for decades.

Easy To Install And Repair

Relatively speaking, asphalt roofs are the easiest to install of all roofing materials. They also allow for partial repairs, as compared to some roofing materials that may need to be fully replaced if there’s damage.

They Have A High Cost-To-Value Ratio

We already mentioned that your asphalt roof in Kitchener and Waterloo were inexpensive to install, relative to other materials. But they also have a high cost-to-value ratio, which means that the cost of the install is lower than the relative longevity of your roof and the protection it offers to your home. So, the savings go far beyond your roof alone.

They Offer Noise Protection

Believe it or not, asphalt roofing actually buffers sounds coming into your home and going out of your home. The asphalt itself and the layering of the shingles create a sound buffer that keeps your home quieter and more peaceful than any other roofing material.

They’re Versatile

There are so many colors, shapes and variations of asphalt roofs. An asphalt roof in Kitchener and Waterloo can be made to match roofing styles and shapes of prominent architectural periods, like the Colonial period or the Victorian period. They can also be made to resemble materials like wood or slate, but at a much more affordable price point.

They Have A Class A Fire Rating

Unlike wooden roofs, asphalt roofing with a woven fiberglass base mat has a class A fire rating. This is the highest fire rating available, which ensures your home’s continued safety.

They’re Impact-Rated And Wind Resistant

When you install an asphalt roof in Kitchener and Waterloo, it can be built with the highest possible impact rating; a class 4 resistance rating. Class 4 resistance rated roofs are also manufactured to meet the most rigorous wind resistance tests. This adds a world of protection to your home.

Trust The Roofman With Your Asphalt Roofing Needs

With over 31 years of experience, trust The Roofman with your asphalt roof in Kitchener, Waterloo and the surrounding areas. Contact us for more information on installing not only an attractive roof with loads of curb appeal, but also more importantly, the ultimate protection for your family and your home.