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What To Ask A Professional Roof Contractor In Cambridge

Most of us don’t give the roof over our heads much thought…until a problem arises. Whether suffering from unexpected damage, leaks, or deterioration, when our roof begins to show signs of compromise, it’s critical to find a roof contractor in Cambridge that not only has the skills needed to perform the job properly, but can get it done quickly, efficiently, and ethically. With so many vendors competing for your business, you owe it yourself, and everyone living inside your home, to carefully screen each provider before making a final decision. Consider asking the following questions when sourcing a roof contractor in

Cambridge to ensure you select the right vendor for your needs.

These Questions Include:

What Is Your Company Name And Address?

Start by asking a potential roof contractor in Cambridge the basics: business name and physical address. Finding out the business name allows you an opportunity to do a little digging on their organization and the type of reputation they hold; both online as well as within your personal network. A physical mailing address is also a must before moving forward. Move on from any vendor who only offers a Post Office box. Reputable firms will have an actual business location that you can check out to qualify further.

Do You Use Internal Employees Or Subcontractors?

Ask up front of if a prospective roof contractor in Cambridge will use internal employees on the job, or if your project will be subbed out to other vendors. Using subcontractors is not necessarily a deal breaker, but you will want to get in touch with any subs used to ensure you trust their experience and skill level for your roof.

What Type Of Insurance Do You Have?

A reputable vendor should carry both liability insurance and workers’ compensation on all jobs. Liability coverage protects your property from damage caused by the roofers and workers’ comp protects you from being liable if a worker gets injured on your property. No insurance is a definite queue to move on.

Are You Licensed?

Beyond insurance, a roofer should also hold a valid roofing license. Various licensing requirements will vary by state, so be sure to ask about what a potential contractor holds for your region. You can check with your city offices to ensure that what a vendor currently holds is what’s needed for your city and state.

What Type Of Warranties Do You Offer?

Finally, you will always want to ask a roof contractor in Cambridge about the type of warranties offered on both product and workmanship. A reputable provider will not only offer quality products with extensive warranties, he will also want to stand behind his work. Ask about both manufacturer and work warranties before making your final selection on which vendor to entrust with your business.

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