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Springtime Is The Best Time To Inspect Roofing In Kitchener

Uncategorized / May 26, 2015

All roofing in Kitchener benefits from springtime inspections. This is the best time to assess your roof’s appearance and structural integrity after the rigors of winter. The variable weather of winter can bring wind, snow, and ice – all of which are damaging to most types of roofing in Kitchener.

Regardless of the structure, roofs need periodic checks in case they need maintenance, and early spring is a good time to get an estimate from The Roofman. Roofing that is sloped may need spot-checking to ensure that tiles are not loose and allowing moisture to seep through. Flat roofs require assessment for damage caused by any strain from the weight or pressure of standing snow. Metal roofs may have nail pops or needs the seams checked to make sure they are still watertight.

When Shingle Repair Or Replacement Is Sufficient

In cases where inspections find localized damage, there are some options to repair the problem. Some issues can be fixed with a repair of the damaged spot. It may be a few loose shingles or even the roofing liner. The liner lies under the shingles and acts as a moisture barrier. Sometimes tears or rips may appear, letting in water or moisture. This can be fixed with sealant. Then, the individual tiles or shingles can be removed and replaced just in the spot that had the repaired lining. The rest of the roof is still viable and leaving the current roofing in place would be sufficient.

Other types of shingle repair may be loose or missing shingles that have blown off in out strong winter winds or even shingles that have been damaged by ice dams or constant moisture. In any of these cases, the damage is localized and does not require full roof replacement.

When To Replace Roofing On Kitchener Homes And Businesses

However, if a significant number of shingles are cracked, weak, damaged, curling, or missing entirely, then you might be better off replacing the entire roof. Again, if the damage is localized, then these isolated spots could be replaced. But more often, the damage appears throughout and the whole roof would need replacement. In these cases, there are many options for roofing in Kitchener. Today’s styles and materials go well beyond black asphalt shingles. You’ll be surprised by the quality of materials, the color choices, and even the style of roofing available to you.

Contact The Roofman For A Springtime Roofing Inspection

The sooner you schedule a roofing inspection, the sooner you’ll have peace of mind that your roof won’t fail and those springtime storms won’t worry you so much. The cost of repairing roofing in Kitchener is much less than the cost of roof replacement, so don’t delay!

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