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When Is It Time To Call In An Expert For Roof Leak Repair In Cambridge?

Uncategorized / September 28, 2015

Most homeowners are only too happy to save a little money. So when home repairs are needed there may be an inclination to handle the problem yourself. But at what point does it become necessary to call in an expert for roof leak repair in Cambridge?

4 Signs You Need To Call In A Professional Roofer To Tend To Your Leak

  1. You Cannot Find The Leak. Sometimes the hardest part of roof leak repair is finding the source of the problem. If you cannot find where the leak is coming from, you cannot fix it. A pro will know where to look and will be less timid about removing shingles to find the source of the leak.
  1. You Have Flashing Problems. Flashing is the area where the soffit meets the roof and it is one of the hardest areas to waterproof. In Cambridge, the problem can be exacerbated by ice dams. Freezing and thawing water cycles allow water to sneak in under poorly performing flashing. Flashing should stop the water from getting into the home. When it does not, you have a problem that requires an expert fix. If your flashing is missing, worn, or rusted, call for help.
  1. You Have Water Stains In The Attic. Related to #1 above, water stains in the atticindicate a leak somewhere. If the water is only staining the roof decking and not causing drips or water damage to ceilings, it may be a slow leak that will take some skill to discover.
  1. You Have Pipe And Chimney Leaks. If you have cracked, missing, or worn flashing around vent pipes and chimneys, call in an expert. Flashing around these features is critical to protecting the interior of the home from water. If they are failing, you will soon have leaks. Repairing the flashing around these features can be tricky and is best left to the experts.

Last but not least, if you are at all unsure about what needs to be done or know it is a job you cannot handle, save yourself the time, aggravation, and the need to call in a pro at a later date by contacting an expert to perform roof leak repair in Cambridge from the start.

Contact The Roofman For Roof Leak Repair In Cambridge

If you are having problems with roof leaks, flashing, or moisture build-up in your attic, contact The Roofman. We offer routine inspections and expert repair services in Cambridge and the surrounding area. A quick inspection can determine what the problem is and can prevent a small leak from becoming a big headache.

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