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Roof Repairs In Cambridge: Six Signs That You Need Repairs

Uncategorized / November 26, 2015

Are toy concerned that you may need roof repairs in Cambridge, but are not quite convinced? Many homeowners have the same experience. They may notice a few minor signs of wear and tear, but are not sure if it means that they should pull the trigger and partner with a contractor for roof repairs in Cambridge.

Knowing a few important indicators can help you determine whether it is time to connect with a licensed and experienced contractor for roof repairs in Cambridge. These signs include:

Shingle Damage

Have you started to notice missing and/or damaged shingles along the exterior of your roofing system? This can be a major indicator that you are ready for a reparation project. If left unattended, shingle damage can eventually cause significant rot and deterioration to your home.

Interior Water Damage

Oftentimes, it is not what we see outside of our homes, but rather what we see right in our living spaces that tells us we may need roofing repairs. Interior water damage in your attic or on your ceilings can be indicative of damage occurring throughout the roof system.

Sagging Structure

Have you noticed that the exterior roof system seems to be sagging? Or, have you started to see buckling inside your home on your ceilings? Dipping or sagging can mean it is time for a reparation project.

Loose, Exposed, Or Missing Nails

Do you think that loose or missing nails throughout your roof does not matter? Guess again. Any missing or even exposed nails can allow moisture to seep into your home and cause significant damage that will require restoration of some sort.

Improperly Draining Gutters

Are your gutters overflowing? You may want to call a professional to take a closer look. Improperly draining gutters can backflow onto your home’s exterior; eventually this moisture may find its way in through the roof and into your home.

Upswings In Your Utility Bills

Finally, have you noticed that your heating and cooling bills keep moving in the wrong direction? A compromise in your roof’s integrity may be to blame. Partner with a professional contractor to thoroughly evaluate the integrity of your residential roofing system.

Are you concerned that you may need roof repair in Cambridge? Contact the team at The Roofman today for a free project evaluation.