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Roofers In Kitchener Protect Against Water, Wind, And Fire With Duradek

Uncategorized / February 26, 2016

Working with professional roofers, Kitchener area homeowners can add the premium protection of Duradek to their flat roofs and decks. Duradek is a waterproof vinyl membrane, specially engineered to stand up to temperatures extremes for years, and giving your roof or deck the best protection possible.

Why Choose Duradek?

  • Guaranteed Longevity – Duradek has been protecting structures since 1974, so it has a well-proven record of excellent performance. It is also backed by one of the longest warranties in the industry, insuring your investment for a full decade. With proper care and maintenance, Duradek can last up to 20 years.
  • Beyond Waterproofing – Vinyl membrane is not only impermeable, so it keeps water and other substances out, but it is also fire-resistant, so it provides an added layer of protection between your roof structure and a potential fire. When the wind is howling, Duradek protects your home with its strong resistance to impact damage and punctures.
  • Repair Without Compromising Seal – Because the material used to make vinyl membrane becomes semi-solid when heated for repair, the pieces to be joined actually fuse, so you do not lose any of the membranes effectiveness if you ever need to repair part of it.
  • Superior Performance – A membrane-coated roof outperforms asphalt roofing on several points. Vinyl membrane is UV-resistant, and will not deteriorate as quickly as asphalt. That same UV resistance means that the membrane will reject some of the sun’s heat that might otherwise penetrate your roof. Membrane seals better initially, and because it expands and contracts less, its seal stays intact longer.
  • Beauty – On deck surfaces, Duradek is visible, so it is manufactured in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns. Choose from nature-inspired patterns like cork or beach pebbles, barn wood, granite, marble, or a fanciful forest floor with leaf patterns.

 Seal Your Roof Or Deck In Premium Quality

 Duradek is installed by certified roofers. Kitchener-based and fully certified, The Roofman has been installing Duradek and other premium roofing products for satisfied customers for more than 35 years. Contact us online or call us at 519-744-3830 to learn how Duradek waterproofing from The Roofman can help protect your home.